About The Book

The FIRST book written utilizing 30 years of research and actual records compiled by Vicky Reany Paulson (Great, Great Grandaughter to William Henry Hanks) second cousin to Abraham Lincoln.

Hanks Family

Pictured Left to Right: William Henry Hanks, Rosalia Matheny Hanks, Laura Hanks, Florence Hanks, Elizabeth Hanks, Susan Hanks, Floyd Baldry and Rose Hanks.

Hanks Father & Daughter

Pictured: William Henry Hanks and his daughter Charlotte.

The format of our book is easy to use, with resources for Hanks family researchers.

Volume 2 is available, now!

This book has been affirmed the correct genealogy of Nancy Hanks Lincoln by several Lincoln scholars, noted authors of Hanks genealogy, and is now in the Lincoln Library, and the White House. Two DNA studies are also providing proof that this is the correct genealogy of Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Using only documentation, and providing you the sources to do your own search, it gives you the ability to find your connection to the Hanks family.

Volume #2 is ready to order! It has a large section on the Lee/Hanks connection, the Abraham Hanks story, Lincoln's own genealogy, and his ghost stories. You will also find additional Hanks family trees, and family members of those listed in the first book, and even the origin of the Hanks family, via DNA information. In addition to the books Abraham Lincoln's Hanks Family Genealogy, Volume #1, and #2, we will be offering discs of Hanks Graves, Photography, and Documents, done by Jon Bidwell. He has been travelling across the country, to provide these photographs, and has included the photography of past ancestors, as well as documentation we can copy, for your own use. They will be added to the site, as available.

I am happy to answer any questions, and assist you with your genealogy, by contacting me at vpaulson0126@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in Nancy Hanks Lincoln, and her genealogy.